Garage Door Installations

ADAM Overhead Door Milwaukee, WI believe that your choice in garage door should be as varied as any other option available when building or renovating your house. One of the most important items when building or renovating is the choice of your garage door. Up to 50% of the first impression of your home is your garage door. Our sales team have years of experience in providing prompt service, invaluable advice and access to greatest range possible. For professional garage door installation call us.

We have build a great garage door installation process.ADAM Overhead Door  Milwaukee, WI offers an extensive range of residential garage doors and commercial garage doors including sectional, roller doors and tilt garage doors. All are made from high quality Colorbond and are manufactured in US. You can choose the colours to suit your house design. Modern automatic garage door installation on your home can completely change the look of your home for such a small price compared with a full renovation.

Roller doors – The roller garage door is made out of colorbond, ribbed curtain that moves vertically in the opening, and then rolls up around the drum above the opening, guided by tracks and counterbalanced with springs. Nylon running strips ensure smooth, quiet and greaseless operation. The engineering grade plastic drum ensures precise roll-up. Weather-strip with deep cushioning, helps restrict entry of water and leaves. Waist height centre lift lock with double bar locking action for extra security.

Reliable garage door installations at affordable pricesADAM Overhead Door  Milwaukee, WI specialize in supplying and fitting all makes and sizes of garage doors and automation, from the basic to the most advanced. Our aim at ADAM Overhead Door is to offer a complete service, from inception to garage door installation, and value for money. Your garage door is a significant part to the frontage of your property and we recognize that once you have chosen the look and style you like, there is no need for your quality product to be let down by bad installation, as we see both the product and installation as equally important.

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